Easy to Care for and Maintain

Easy to clean: no dusting required!

The best way to clean blinds? Not having to clean them at all! There's no need to dust, when blinds are enclosed between glass. Before installation, use standard window cleaner on your existing door window and the glass surfaces of the Add-on Blinds unit.

Once installed, use standard window cleaner on the glass, and soap and water to clean the frame. Since the blinds are enclosed behind glass, they never need dusting. Blinds between glass help reduce exposure to dust for those who are allergic. Should you need to clean the glass on your existing door, it's easy to remove the Add-On Blinds unit. (Visit the installation page and reverse the instructions to remove the Add-On Blind unit.)

Watch this video to see how easy it is to clean the door glass.


How to paint the frame

Painting or staining is not required, but offers you the option to complement your entryway decor. Use acrylic latex enamel paint or gel stain if you choose to finish the frame of your Add-On Blinds unit.


Preventing condensation

Interior condensation is caused by excess humidity in your home. ODL Add-On Blinds for Doors do not cause condensation, but can act as a good indicator if interior humidity levels are too high. Keep in mind that, in newly constructed homes, construction materials will release moisture through several heating and cooling cycles. Condensation does not indicate a defect and will not damage your Add-On Blinds unit.

If your door glass has interior condensation, you should be able to control it by reducing the humidity level in your home (by, for example, reducing or eliminating the use of humidifiers). Below is a quick guide to appropriate indoor humidity levels:

Maximum recommended humidity levels
(based on inside home temperature of 70°F)
Outside temperature °F Inside humidity
20°F to 40°F Not over 40%
10°F to 20°F Not over 30%
0°F to 10°F Not over 25%
-20°F to 0°F Not over 20%
Below -20°F Not over 15%

You can also help limit the potential for condensation between your door glass and the Add-On Blinds glass by removing the filler strips located on the sides of your Add-On Blinds frame, which will increase airflow between unit and door glass.

Watch this video to find out how to remove the Add-On Blinds filler strips.