Selecting the Right Add-On Blinds for Your Door

In three simple steps


Just three simple steps

Ready to enjoy the light and privacy control of door blinds without the banging, swinging, and dangling cords? ODL Add-On Blinds can be added to French doors, patio doors, or standard exterior entry doors.

All it takes are three simple steps to find out which ODL Add-On Blinds are right for your door:

  1. Determine your door glass frame type (raised or flush)
  2. Measure your door glass frame
  3. Choose your Add-On Blinds size



Raised or flush frame?

Most exterior entry doors, including French doors, feature a raised frame design, although newer contemporary doors and some patio doors feature a flush frame.

Choose Your Frame Type




How to identify your door glass frame type

Tip: If your hand goes up and over the frame as you run it across your door, your door has a raised frame. If your hand sinks down to the glass as you run it across your door, your door has a flush frame.